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Sheriff Technologies Ltd

As of February 2011, Microtima Ltd ceased manufacturing. However, the rights to many of their products have been acquired by Sheriff Technologies Ltd, who intend to carry on supplying the Microtima Series 5 programmable timers and school signal products.

Sheriff Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of goods and services to the road-traffic industry. Operating from its base in Newcastle upon Tyne the company serves some of the biggest car park operators in the world with electronics to profitably manage car parks. Sheriff Technologies' management team have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the road-traffic industry. Specialist products include: 

  • Variable message signs for car parking guidance systems 
  • Car park management software solutions 
  • Road safety equipment including school patrol signals and vehicle activated signs 
  • A dedicated civil engineering and groundworks division for highways and cabling projects

Do you have problems programming or maintaining your school signals?

Sheriff Technologies Ltd offer an economical programming and maintenance service for Microtima Series 4 & Microtima Series 5 school patrol signals.We can repair and program school signals where councils no longer have the staff skills, time or budget to maintain them.
  • Creation of datafiles for each school site to your requirements (term dates and school hours).
  • On-site work including inspection and test of each sign and annual re-programming.
  • We can offer a repair service and source spare/replacement parts if necessary.
Please contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to provide a quote.
  • Variable message signs
    Advertise the availability of spaces in car parks to attract more visitors. Manage traffic...
  • School road safety
    Our school safety range is designed to protect children during the peak hours around the beginning...
  • Civils & groundworks
    Sheriff Technologies Ltd civil engineering & groundworks division offers a diverse service to...
  • Vehicle activated signs
    Vehicle activated signs (VAS) are a proven technology for tacking inappropriate speed at specific...